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Discussion in the tone zone started by jcm800gridlock. Funny enough, i know that hes a bigger fan of the ts10 than any other tubescreamer. John mayer is known for his use of overdrive pedals. How to sound like john mayer on a budget sound affects.

Keeley katana blues drive guitar effects pedal 2 for sale. If i were playing like who did you think i was or bold as love, i would use the blues driver. Imagine his surprise when he excitedly tore open the package to find an ibanez tube screamer inside. Since srv brought blues back into the spotlight before his untimely death many people have since tried to fill his shoes. Its incredibly fizzy sounding and unremarkable on its own, and i wanted something for a crunch.

The blues driver stays on all the time at a low level with a twin reverb and i use the tube screamer as the boostoverdrive for solos. John mayer recently took two of the originals out on the dead. Basically a ts808 clone with a clean knob, allows to. Many blues guitar players like srv use it to for the distortion sound from the clean channel. If you are into the blues and rock genre, john is definitely an artist worth checking out. Lets look at what gear and equipment has been seen in john mayer s guitar rig. John mayer s prs masterpieces, super eagle and silver sky shown here. Strat, dumble clone, keeley katana clean boost, blues driver, ts808 or something similar. John mayer s boss blues driver bd2 keeley phat mod used by mayer most notably during the trio era circa 2005. Analog man and robert keeley, among others, have designed pedals based on the original blues. A second edition bb2 of the pedal was released, with a boost blues switch, which was less successful and said to sound inferior. So it comes as no surprise that a guitar player like john mayer would have a very large. Any idea what overdrive john uses for solos and leads. John mayer, aside from being the pop star tmz apearing celebrity that he is is an incredible guitarist.

Whats up guys, in todays video well take a more in depth look at trying to achieve jm tone and how he would use his pedals. Lots of great tone can be had by having both of those pedals. John plays a series of four ascending notes ending on the root before quickly hitting the inverted d minor triad on the top 3 strings and bending that b string to root in a way that freddie king would be proud of. I dont got a two rock, ore a fender custom shop stratocaster. It is very helpful since it is like having you own personal mixing engineer ride your fader. John mayer sure can rock out on a fender stratocaster guitar. Used by mayer most notably during the trio era circa 2005. I am their latest convert and i would like to tell you about the sacred pedal that is the blues driver. But, a bunch of my friends that will say john mayer is gay have never actually listened to a single one of his songs. John mayer is a great blues guitar player in addition to be a great singer also.

Introducing the 2016 keeley tone workstation robert keeley. This pedal is more of a boost pedal than an overdrive even though if used correctly it can overdrive your tone. The tubescreamer is the most enduring pedal in the john mayer lineup that is available in many varieties. If youre using it for a different od sound, not just as a boost, you may find that you like it before the blues driver. Right now i have a pretty old cheap zoom g1xn, but im looking to upgrade. What songs does mayer use a boss blues driver bd2 on. John mayer is big on effect pedals, so youll need to learn about a few different types if you want to create a tone that mimics mayer s. Keeley modded blues driver thats what john mayer uses. John mayer is a grammywinning, multiplatinum selling artist who is currently touring with dead and company. Many musicians like brad paisley, john mayer, jason becker, pearl jam. Overdrive pedals produce distorted sounds because the sound is.

The tubescreamer is an essential pedal for any blues player. Guitar gear equipment rigs and setups of your favorite. He used it for a clean boost sort of sound, but it wasnt even on his rig this summer. Granted, that it really depends on what you want to do. For just a touch of dirt and push, the boss bd2 blues driver has been a perennial favorite for both bedroom players and celebrities such as john mayer and brad paisley. John mayer uses or used the pedal, running it into a klon. John mayer pedalboard 2005 trio era board this first john mayer pedalboard comes from a picture of his pedalboard directly, and could be missing other pedals not featured in the picture. Jm also used a keeley modded blues driver on the trio tour, and hordes of delay pedals inc, waay huge aqua puss, trex digital delay. The blues drivers tone sits somewhere between being a transparent. But these to pedals, with a strat, plugged in my peavey delta blues, is sounds sweet.

Seems to me that the tube screamer cant do the cleaner settings like the boss does but the the bd2 doesnt have as much overdrive either. Singersongwriterguitarist john mayer is a grammywinning, multiplatinum selling artist who is currently touring with dead and company. Honestly, as cliche as it might be, you need to see what works for you. And just for reference, good love is played on the middle pickup position 3 with an overdrive pedal. The blues driver ironically gets a really nice srv sound. Strat, dumble sss, tworock jm sig played together, oodles of pedals. The ts808 is more vintagey sounding and i think is better used for low gain settings. The guitar effects pedals behind john mayers wide ranging. Im using a boss blues driver with a keeley mod, made by jake van halen, a danish guitar pedal wizard. Keeley blues driver excellent condition, still have original box and papers. Drew, i have both keeley bd2, keeley 808, and stock 808 and i use them separately and on at the same time.

Other similar pictures show his univibe and his electroharmonix pedals though they might not have been present yet. It is such a shame that john mayer gets a reputation primarily associated with his more sensitive tunes which i personally love along with his blues stuff. How to sound like john mayer on a budget by andrew hinton august 22nd, 2018 there are currently 0 comments in this blog we are going to look at an artist who often divides peoples opinions when it comes to musical taste, but someone who nobody can deny is. The bd2 that john used was modified by robert keeley altering the sound significantly from the stock model. A demo comparing a stock bd2 to a keeley modified bd2 with the phat switch both on and off. Hes been known to use ts9, ts10, bluesbreaker, keeley modded or analogman modded blues driver, full drive 2. I cant afford all the different individual pedals to get that jm tone but im wondering if theres one multieffect pedal out there that can get pretty close to his usual sounds, or one thats just good overall. Keeley modded boss blues driver jk modded ibanez tubescreamer foxx tone machine dunlop 535q wah mxr phase 100 reissue lexicon mpx1 wmpx r1 footpedal john k. Great sounding pedal, as used by jm on the trio tour and a lot thereafter. Boss bd2 and ibanez ts9 modified boards inside snuggle up against the. The bd2 that john used was modified by robert keeley altering the sound significantly from.

For just a touch of dirt and push, the boss bd2 blues driver has been a perennial favorite for both bedroom players and celebrities such as john mayer and brad the boss bd2 blues driver, since its debut in 1995, has gained popularity for its organic tone and tactile response. He has been known to use an early version of the tone workstation, as well as the katana clean boost. People talk about expensive amps and guitars and such, but the reality is that you can get 90% of the way towards that tone you want with a cheapish mexican strat, a vox pathfinder 15r, an ibanez t. Well the stock bd2 is pretty different from the keeley modded one, which is what john uses. In this photo of john mayers pedalboard, his boss bd2 blues driver pedal can. So many pedals are cool, and most every one has a place for. Filter my comments as you wish, but im one of those people who are umimpressed by the tube screamer, but ive only tried a ts9. John mayer, aside from being the pop star tmz apearing celebrity that he is is an incredible blues guitarist.

Anyways, if youre tonechasing any bluesy overdrive, loudclean amp, and strat will get you there. I quickly realized i should get some dirt too and i knew john mayer used a keeley modded bd2 on the trio album which i loved that tone so i thought i should start there. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on youtube. Curious as to whether hed like the sound of truebypass, weaver ordered a keeley blues driver mod a modified boss bd2 blues driver overdrive. The keeley team of engineers and designers have upgraded the tone and features and reduced the size to fit on anyones board. Blues tone with blues junior and keeley bd2 blues driver youtube. If youre using the ts9 as a boost like i was, i liked it second, after the bd2. I have them both and john mayer uses them both as well. Brad paisleys former guitar tech, chad weaver, attests to the rapidity of keeley s success.

John mayers boss blues driver bd2 keeley phat mod ground. Thanks for watching and subscribe for more just like this. Falling somewhere between your amps natural clean tone and the midsoaked scream of an ibanez ts9, the blues driver hits the sweet spot of articulation and grit. A longtime favorite for its creamy, subtle crunch, the boss bd2 blues. Boss blues driver pedal keeley mod keeley katana clean boost trex compnova compressor trex mudhoney trex replica trex dr. Iirc it was also on john mayer s board during the where the light is era. There is an h2o mod out there and also keeley mods them.

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