Ddns setting for dahua dvr software

Want dahua dvr software for pc free download, here you can get dahua dvr software for pc free download. Di bagian domain mode ada 2 pilihan yaitu default domainadalah nama domain berdasarkan mac address dvr, atau customdomain name adalah nama domain yang bisa kita isi bebas. Ddns dynamic ip technical support faqs ganz security. Before set as below please be sure your dvr is connecting with your network and can access internet also. Unlike dns that only works with static ip addresses, ddns works with dynamic ip addresses, such as those assigned by an isp or other dhcp server.

Go into the webbased setup program of your router, and find the ddns setup section. First, youll need to create your account online and enter in all the information on our webpage here. If you do not have a static ip address, this is the best solution for you. If you check your router logs it will report ddns updates. In order to use noips service, youll need to register with them. Device loaded dahua quick ddns service would be able to register and use the service until 20171231. While wirepathdns will appear in the ie interface list for all dvrs, this option will only function with software version 7.

Enjoy to watching live cctv footage in your mobile phone. Navigate to setting at the top and network ddns on the left. Using the integrated dynamic dns in your device means that you dont. Ddns is a service that maps internet domain names to ip addresses.

The software comes on the cd that ships with the dvrs or the most recent version can be downloaded here. Follow the steps below to setup a wirepath dvr for dynamic ddns access. Input your devices ip address into internet explorer, and login. Ddns setup using noip and your computer cctv camera. How to configure dahua dvrnvr remotely using serial no p2p duration.

Pilih ddns type dengan dahua ddns dan secara otomatisserver ip address akan menunjukan alamat ddns server tersebut. A stepbystep guide with video setting up ddns for ip cameras doesnt have to be a chore. Here is the link of download dahua dvr software for windows and mac. Below is the example of setting up a dahua dvr, note that the domain is now used to configure because the device is located on the internet. The dvr viewer software runs on a microsoft windows based computer.

This page has instructions on how to setup the remote security camera dvr viewer software for jpeg2000 dvrs. How to setup your dvr nvr for remote view step by step titanium series duration. Our mpeg4 surveillance dvrs come with remote internet access software that allows you to control all of the functions of the dvr, including live video viewing, remotely over the internet. Here we are going to use p2p technology so do not need to configure router. So no matter what your numeric ip address is, your ddns address will work even if your. How to access the dvr or nvr using hostname on swannview. Software version notes wirepathdns has been added to all dvrs with software version 7. How to configure free quickddns or dahuaddns on nvr,dvr or.

Make sure that port forwarding has been set up on the router so that the incoming traffic on ports 80 and 6100 are directed to the private lan ip address of the dvr. This howto is quick and will show you howto put your dahua recorder on your local area network lan. Can anyone shed some light on how i woulfd configure this unit for my own useage. The dahua is one the best cctv camera brand in world in the field of cctv and provide so many good tools in order to configure their cctv camera and the other devices. After the device boots up, please wait 1 to 3 min until the network indicator becomes green. To modify default port, please refer to ddns users manual. Dahua xvr dvr setup, hard disk install, mobile app config, dahua latest version xvr initial setup duration. Check the box to use dvr current admin account and. Tick the ddns checkbox to enable this feature, then you can configure the below options. This is the 1st step you must do if you want to access it locally from a pc on your network or via your wifi. How to configure free quickddns or dahuaddns on nvr,dvr or ip. When setting up the port forwarding, the required ports will need to be forwarded to the ip address of the dvr. Here, i am going to show you, how to configure dahua dvr remotely using p2p.

When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Using a computer connected to the same router where your dvr or nvr is connected, open a browser and go to on the port to check field, change 80 to 85 and click check port. Before we start, connect your dvr to the internet cable. This tutorial will be helpful for those who wish to setup a dahua dvr on their own or may be for troubleshooting intermittent issues. Id like to do a remote view with my iphone ans my dahua dvr. Howto setup a dahua dvrnvr on a local area network. Following the development of p2p and cloud service, dahua is going to stop support for dahua ddns and quick ddns service on product firmware from 2017730. Dahua dvr software for pc free download windows and mac. Ddns feature on the dvr is useful if you dont have a static ip and need a service to keep track of changes to your dynamic ip and be able to access the dvr remotely via a hostname. Once port forwarding has been set up, check the port status using an open port means the forwarding is working.

From the onboard software it is a rebranded vivotek em8362 unit and was configured for a large retailer. Final configuration and details after doing all the setup, the universal cms dvr software will be ready to be used with different dvr brands as shown in the image below. Ddns allows anyone hosting a web or ftp server to advertise a public name to prospective users. Your dvr requires a fixed ip address, which you can set up in your router for the dvr. The above video demonstrates and explains how to configure free quickddns or dahuaddns on nvr, dvr or ip cam. Access the devices system settings using mouse rightclick menu system configuration. If you are accessing the dvr via your web browser, then go to configuration. Configure dahua dhixvr series, smartpss or other dvrnvr.

With the video tutorial below, you are able to configure ip cameras with ddns service within minutes by yourselves. Dvr viewer software setup for network remote internet. Dahua technology is a provider of video surveillance devices like nvr, dvr, ip cameras ptz cameras etc. They provide a free service thats really easy to get running. The protocol should be set up for both udp and tcp protocols. User manuals, dahua dvr operating guides and service manuals. How to set the ddns dyndns on the hikvision nvrsdvrscamera. Ens security plainview professional security system wholesaler 68,483 views. Dahua technology are a chinese cctv manufacturing giant founded in 2001 and employing around 11, 000 employees. The idvre series surveillance dvr s support dynamic dns ddns. Please confirm internet access port is open and default port to open is. They provide a free ddns service thats really easy to get running.

However, you need to add an onvif user account for it to work. Entering ddns settings in to your dvr if you are using a ip camera, then you should see a screen like the one below. If you need to be connected to your dvr from different locations, you need to configure a free ddns account. If everything is set up correctly, you should see the message ddns is normal. How to use ddns or external ip to connect dvrnvr remotely. Please fill out ddns information into dvr s ddns setting. Use ie11 to log in to your device or go to it directly. Remote internet dvr viewer setup mpeg4 surveillance dvr. It is specifically made to support dynamic ip addresses that can change every so often. Using cameraftp vss with dahua dvr is easier to setup than uploading directly from the dvr. The main advantage for ddns is if you have a dynamic ip address, where your address can change monthly by your isp if not static the ddns service will track and update with your new ip address automatically. View online or download dahua hcvr5108hs2 user manual. Later youll be able to connect to your ddns account on.

One of the simplest ways of setting up ddns for yourself is through noip. When you bought a dvr for remote surveillance, you should know how to configure dahua dvr for remote viewing. Free ddns setup for ip cameras and nvr dvr recorders. Click on the box named server type and enter your information then click save. In this case because dahua ddns is an option it is. Step 1 power on the dvr and go to menu configuration network ddns diagram 1. Just put internet cable and allow some function of dvr and done. This video shows you how to set up and use quick ddns. Ddns setup for nvrsdvrs using gui local interface 1. Pioneering their own cvi hd video format their products are available through a wide network of cctv distributors under the dahua brand name. Test dvr melalui koneksi lokal masukan ip dvr, dan ip gateway.

Dynamic dns allows the user to assign internet domain names to ip addresses. Please note depending on the series model of the recorder you will have either dahua ddns or quick ddns as one of the options from the drop down menu. For the second one, i have a message the account is already in use in the dvr setup, max connection 10. This guide will help you setup and configure dynamic dns within your dahua device. Cctv camera pros use to supply the dual codec jpeg2000 dvr, however, those jpegs dvrs has been replaced by the latest idvrpro cctv hd security camera dvr which works with analog cctv cameras and the latest hdovercoax security cameras. However, it requires a pc and cameraftp vss software must be always running. In order to use noips service youll need to register with them. Enter the ddns information, similarly to what is outlined in step 4. Dahua dvr is compatible with cameraftp vss software. If there is inconsistency between the manual and the actual product, the.

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